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  • Sooha head [1]

    I love this sculpt, but needed to make it into a female, so this is the face up I gave her.

  • Sooha Head [1]

    Head arrived in perfect condition. Is a beautiful head and I am excited to get him faced up in the coming months. I am a long time customer of Dollstown since 2009 and I have never been disappointed by the products or the care and service. The #1 company I have bought many, many dolls from time and again. 

  • Dollstown J on 18yr body and Dollstown Elf body [2]

    Thank you so much! I waited a while for both dolls, but it was well worth the wait, and I love them both❤️ I think these dolls are both sturdy and beautiful and I appreciate that I am able to have them :)

  • Beautiful Job [1]

    From her amazing sculpting, to the awesome job on her face up and her body blushing this girl is amazing. Her packing to arrive safely was done with great care and she arrived in record time. Buying in stock items is always a plus, but to have the doll finished to a subtle freckled face and body is a major plus. I hope one day Dollstown will do one of the girls in a pale tan and allow me to finish her as I dream she will look.  Have been buying Dollstown dolls since 2009 and everyone of them has been crafted well and shipped perfectly. 

  • 15yr boy body with Lily head [1]

    My boy is finally complete. Clothes, eyes, wig  arrived for my 15yr boy body with Lily head. He is gorgeous. I am so proud of him!

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